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About Us

LegalStudiesMS.com is owned and operated by 2U, Inc.

For the 2U brands, including Trilogy Education Services and GetSmarter, eliminating the back row in higher education is not just a metaphor–it’s our mission.

For more than a decade, 2U, a global leader in education technology, has been a trusted partner and brand steward of great universities. 2U builds, delivers, and supports hundreds of digital and in-person educational offerings, including degrees, professional certificates, Trilogy-powered boot camps, and GetSmarter short courses.

From day one, 2U has always believed that universities are unparalleled engines of social and economic mobility. That’s why partnerships with great institutions of higher learning are central to our model.

2U combines the world-class faculty, curriculum and teaching from our university partners with 2U’s proprietary operating system – 2UOS – and industry-leading expertise in technology, digital marketing, student support, clinical placements, and data architecture. This allows us to jointly build sustainable programs that deliver high quality, life-changing outcomes for learners.

This site was created for career-minded professionals like you. Our mission is to provide comprehensive educational resources for individuals who wish to excel in their careers by pursuing a master’s degree in legal studies.

The aim of LegalStudiesMS.com is not just to connect visitors with online legal studies degree programs, but to provide all of the information, resources and tools professionals need to expand their roles and capabilities. In addition to information about online Master’s of Legal Studies programs, this website provides career and salary information, tips for earning MLS degrees online and a learning center where users can expand their field of legal knowledge and skills.

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